If you are looking to hire scalextric, then you are looking in the right place. We are experts in scalextric hire, making sure you hire slot cars that are most suitable for your event. Slot car hire is fast becoming a popular feature at a variety of different events. Whether you are hosting a private party, a corporate event, a team building event or a themed party, hire slot car racing for a great day for everyone! Scalextric UK is great for Scalextric parties. Hire scalextric track for a variety of different events. We have scalextric for hire whether your event is big or small, for young or old. You can hire scalextric set for anything for a hire scalextric party. Giant scalextric is great fun for everybody. When you hire giant scalextric you have a selection of different types of track: you can hire 8 lane scalextric, hire 6 lane scalextric or hire 4 lane scalextric.

We have a variety of scalextric track layouts, whether you are looking for four lane, six lane or eight lane circuits. Turn your corporate fun day into scalextric events galore; turn your game into a competition and get your employees racing to win a prize. Contact The Entertainment Group via email or phone now and tell us about your event. We will advise you on the most suitable track for your event and arrange the arrival times and performance times of the equipment you have hired. A member of staff will be supplied alongside the track to set up and supervise during the event. This is especially a good idea if it is a children’s party to make sure the track is kept in good condition and nothing goes wrong for you. You will be impressed with the quality of professionalism you encounter with the staff that will attend your event alongside the scalextric. If you want to hold a competition then let us know and we will ensure our staff holds regular races and keeps a note of the winners!

All of our scalextric are remote control operated and the scalextric track looks sleek, with modern racing cars and scenery that make your tabletop decor look great. Why not hire a scalextric today and watch as all your guests have a fantastic time racing each other.